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Cat Training Program

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Become a Cat Trainer

Cat Training Program

Back to School Special - Save big on Tuition
Can you train a cat? Can you eliminate problem cat behaviors? You sure can! Similar to dogs, you can train cats if you understand cat behavior, cat psychology and communication. From litter box training to spraying to inappropriate biting, you’ll be taught the skills to become a professional cat trainer. Help enrich the lives of felines and their families as an Animal Behavior College Cat Trainer (ABCCT). 
Our Cat Training Program offers the convenience of an online cat training course coupled with shelter experience and Pet First Aid and CPR Certification. If you’re interested in turning your love for cats into an animal career, enroll in our cat trainer program today.
Learn more about our program by calling  800-795-3294

Cat Training Program Overview

Our Cat Training Program makes it possible to:
  • Get your cat training education online
  • Get animal shelter experience
  • Receive Pet CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Experience what it’s like to work with cats
  • Receive ongoing student support
  • Invest in an exciting new career
  • Receive study materials 
  • Become an ABC Certified Cat Trainer (ABCCT)

Extensive Curriculum

Our Cat Training Program has 11 stages that cover a wide range of topics. You’ll learn how to read cat body language like a professional and how to apply your understanding of cat behavior to train them. The Cat Training Program also discusses the different cat breeds and coat types, behavior management and preventative socialization, and basic cat training cues. 

Shelter Experience

A student favorite, the shelter portion of our Cat Training Program provides you the unique opportunity to apply what you’ve learned online in a real-life setting. The hours you spend with cats during your shelter experience will allow you to observe cat behaviors, feline-to-feline interactions and body posturing. Cat handling and feline-to-human bonding may also be part of your shelter experience.  

Tuition & Financing

Tuition for our Cat Training Program ranges from $1,995 $1,595 USD to $2,695 USD, depending on your payment arrangement.* This all-inclusive tuition cost covers your learning materials and shelter experience. Our Admissions Counselors can help you choose a payment plan that’s right for you. Contact us at 800-795-3294 to see what plan you qualify for.

Flexible Hours & In-Home Classroom Experience

ABC’s cat training course is structured to allow even the busiest person the opportunity to become a certified cat trainer in approximately 8 months. The written curriculum and exams are available online, which means you can access everything from the comfort of your home. This also gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule and learn on your own time.

Personal Program Manager

After you enroll in our cat trainer course, a Program Manager will guide you through the entire program. Your Program Manager will be a professional cat trainer who is dedicated to helping you succeed. Your Program Manager will be available to you via email and phone 5 days a week.

Cat Trainer Certification

Animal Behavior College Cat Trainer (ABCCT)Upon successful completion of your cat training course and shelter work, you’ll receive your cat trainer certification as well as the title of Animal Behavior College Cat Trainer (ABCCT). Your certification demonstrates your comprehensive knowledge of cat behavior and may give you the advantage over your competitors when applying for jobs or starting your own cat training business.

Cat Training Program Curriculum

  • Stage 1 A Basic Overview of Cats: Covers feline characteristics, cat breeds and coat types, and cat socialization and development periods.
  • Stage 2 Learning Theories and the Feline Mind: Introduces you to cat psychology, behavior and communication.
  • Stage 3 Cat Training Tools, Behavior Modification Products & Essential Cat Care Items: Describes various cat training tools and explains cat care essentials.
  • Stage 4 Preventing Unwanted Behavior: Explains why and how prevention can steer kittens away from unwanted behavior.
  • Stage 5 Basic Cat Training: Teaches you training cues to get a cat to sit, down, and off to name a few.
  • Stage 6 Cat Behavior Management and Treatment: Explains why cats engage in certain behaviors, such as cat spraying, and teaches you how to manage them.
  • Stage 7 Cat Nutrition and Basic Care: Provides you detailed knowledge on cat care, including health and grooming.
  • Stage 8 Safety Concerns, Techniques & Practices: Instructs you on proper cat safety protocols, such as cat-proofing a home and handling reactive cats.
  • Stage 9 Business Building: Covers business building tips to help you start a cat training business upon graduation.
  • Stage 10 Shelter Experience & Pet First Aid and CPR Certification: Gives you the opportunity to spend time in an animal facility and observe cat behavior as a volunteer.
  • Stage 11 Final Exam & Graduation

From Cat Lover to Cat Trainer 

Turn your love for cats into an exciting cat training career by becoming an ABC Certified Cat Trainer. Help train cats to behave politely and keep them with their families. Get started on becoming a cat trainer today by calling 800-795-3294.

Please note: Animal Behavior College does not guarantee employment after graduation.

*Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

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